Just like clients, you’ve got to win your candidates over

Today’s market sees recruiters, both internal and external, with their work cut out for them as they endeavour to find and then entice, great people into new jobs.

If we had a dollar for every time a wonderful candidate has accepted the role, and in some cases signed the contract, only to turn around and say “I’ve accepted another role elsewhere”, we’d all be a bit richer.

It’s frustrating to start again at ground zero, but it provides you with the opportunity to review the critical factors and reduce the chances of a reoccurrence.

Personality and Accuracy.

You may find that requirements for the role changed over the course of the initial interview process and now’s the chance to finesse the job description and your ad. Remember that your ad acts as an introduction to your company; tone and content matters! Give your ad personality!

The One %-ers.

You need to offer a better opportunity for them than your competitors, including their current employer. Job Satisfaction is not just about remuneration; candidates are expecting – and getting – so much more.

Organisations are winning candidates by offering the conditions they value:

  • (Really) Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Dedicated Social Activities and Support
  • Strong Mentorship and Promotional Opportunities, and
  • Financial Bonuses on top of the set salary.

You may also want to seriously consider such options as

  • Parking (salary sacrificed)
  • A  Green Plant Budget for their office space
  • Yoga Classes
  • Gym Membership

All of these options show that the candidate’s wellbeing is important to you.

Look Outside the Square.

Can you be flexible with the type of candidate you’d ideally like? Have you considered what you’d like them to bring to the team? Part time vs fulltime? Mature age or graduate? Do they need to bring the whole skillset or would you like the opportunity to train them in your company’s way? Are you open to considering candidates from outside your industry? What level of importance do you place on their soft skills? Is it important that they align with your company values and mesh with your team and culture? Can you see the rewards if you choose someone from outside the square?

Do Your Homework.

As you narrow down your preferred list of candidates, make sure you take every reasonable opportunity to find out more about them, including their social media activity.

Be Transparent.

Let your preferred candidates know the precise interview details including expected length, participants (include titles) and if they will need to sit any tests.

First Impressions Count.

Your company culture is on show from the minute they first speak to you and then cemented when they step into the office and are greeted by your receptionist.

Treat them as the Professional they are.

Be on time for your interview and stick to the time allocated. Give them your full attention without the distraction of your phone or computer.

Everything on the Table.

The interview is obviously the time to showcase the role and your organisation whilst you learn more about your interviewee.  It is also an opportune time to find out why they’re wanting to move on from their current situation. Or if they’re really angling for a payrise/promotion from their current employer.

Going Forward.

Once the interview is coming to an end, let them know what will happen from there. Don’t drag your feet in making a decision and let a great opportunity walk away! Quality candidates are not around for long, and if you find them great you can guarantee that your competitor does too!


The final step – trusting that all has gone well, may we say congratulations on the start of your new team member! We wish you both every success for the future.

And remember:

A Bird in the Hand….

Look after your existing staff! Make sure you SHOW THEM THE LOVE so that you don’t need to go through this all over again!

But we’ll talk about that another time.