If you answered no, then please read this.

A chat with a potential candidate today prompted this blog. He had spoken to several recruitment agencies before contacting me, and when I posed the question “Do you know where your CV is?”, he couldn’t answer. Unfortunately this is a scenario I come across all too often.

Ever since the Cambridge Analytical scandal with Facebook data in early 2018, we seem to hear almost weekly of major IT security breaches through hacking of huge corporations around the world. The hue and cry over the data mined by Cambridge Analytical forced governments worldwide to hurriedly address the rights of citizens to privacy and they are continually playing catchup in the grey areas of the internet, the cloud, personal data collection and distribution.

You Own Your Information

Your details belong to you and should never be passed on without your permission. Otherwise, it’s illegal. That includes your resume.

Your Permission is Legally Required

Mills Resources and Trusted Labour made the decision when we first began operating in 2010, that would we never forward any candidate details on without their permission first. Regardless of whether you are applying for an advertised role or putting out feelers for job opportunities available in the market, we make it a point to discuss the role with you and then get your permission to represent you to our clients.

Spray and Pray

The other way recruiting is carried out is using the “spray and pray” approach, as the candidate I mentioned at the beginning of this blog experienced. This refers to getting hold of CVs and sending them out far and wide and hoping that they stick with the client regardless of whether this is the best candidate for the role or the best role for the candidate! It serves no value to anyone and is a serious breach of your privacy.

Your Career is at Stake

As responsible recruiters who value Candidate Care, we are looking out for your best interests and feel that this is the only way to operate. We want you to be satisfied that we understand your requirements from both a potential role and the organisation offering it.

Satisfied Candidates

Does our approach work? Well, our research of candidates we’ve placed shows their satisfaction with our recruitment process, and the jobs they’ve moved into have been exactly what they expected. Their testimonials speak for themselves.

Until more is done, the “spray and pray” approach will persist. And perhaps some candidates don’t mind, they just want to move on.

Work with Someone Who’s Got Your Best Interests In Mind

Personally, I’d recommend that you work with an agent who respects you, your career development needs and just as importantly, your privacy. Whether it’s us or someone just as responsible, you need someone who cares about you, not the dollars your CV will generate.

You can view our Privacy Policy here .